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All Community Members,
On May 27th, 2011, the leaders of Palwow and SMA Alliance agreed to terms which will change the community of and the immediate brick and mortar community of each member in a very positive way.
Mission- We endeavor to transform, built with a solid foundation of its members and change the framework of the community to focus on  providing a free place where employers can quickly find support for their growing organizations and members of every community can freely and quickly find employment or pass along great opportunities to friends and family, as they come through the platform. It will be built similar to linkedin, Palwow will offer a simplified platform which can be improved to enrich the lives of each person within their communities through increased opportunities which automatically reach qualified persons of each field of employment.
For example: Even if a member is happily employed as an accountant, odds are that they probably know another accountant who would be a better fit. An accounting firm would simply drop an ad looking for an accountant and it would go to everyone listed as an accountant, student of accounting and related fields.  This will save each community millions of dollars and weeks of time in finding the right fit.
Money- While we must spend some time working on the new platform and integrating our powerful software into, we hope to be up and running in 90 days or less. We must guard our revenue model and exact business model to protect against competitive forces however we can tell you now that there shall be rewards for every participating community member. Every time a job is placed through the Palwow platform, the member who, through networking helps connect the employer to employee, would be rewarded monetarily and perhaps you could take your newly employed friend to a dinner and a coffee to celebrate their employment.
Proof- To further assure the level of our intentions it is important to note that SMA Alliance is publicly traded (OTC: SMAAD) and has proven extremely successful, operating with EBITDA of 40%, and has Positive Net Earnings per Share of .058 cents and a book value of .35 cents per share.
This endeavor is projected to increase company revenues significantly within the first 18 months and SMA intends to share in those revenues with members.
~SMA Alliance and Administration
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